Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Bright Lights

Well hello there, it's been a while.

So I've been pretty busy lately. School, exams, friends, parties... oh wait, the last two don't exist any more since the first two rule my life now. Sigh.

But I'm back! And I want to make that more regular because I enjoy doing this, as well as surfing weheartit (if you haven't hearted my photos yet, you should!), then getting depressed because I'm sitting with a tub of ben and jerry's ice cream whilst all those weheartit girlies look so perfect. But I still eat, #yolo.

I want to share some photos that I don't actually know why I took, but I did, and I'm just putting it down to my 13 hormonal year-old-self who had just learned about manual focus and exposure time. They're not my normal type of photo, but I still think they're pretty cool. 

I'm in a cool mood today, so I'll sign off a little differently today and leave the photos with you.

Adios, bichachos. <3

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