Mittwoch, 1. Mai 2013

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

To be honest I never before had really quite understood that old saying. What made a person a friend if they needed help?

Yet recently, a very good friend of mine started getting chronic migranes (that's what we think they are at least), and has been so down about everything. She can't concentrate on anything more after midday if she's lucky, and feels helpless because she hasn't been able to get a correct diagnosis yet and therefore hasn't got suitable treatment. It's like a vicious circle, and it is really taking it's toll on her. Someone who, just a few weeks ago, was laughing non-stop everyday sheds the same amount in tears now. It breaks my heart to see her like this.

Suddenly "A friend in need is a friend indeed" popped into my head out of literally nowhere.
Then I understood: The question above that I had been asking myself the whole time was exactly the point. The fact they've come to you for aid shows their trust, repect and friendship for you, because they know you will be one of the few, if not the only, who will understand and help them. It works the other way round too; you're so close to them that you can almost feel their pain with them and are longing for them to feel better, because you care.

I'm sorry about the cheese, but that's finally one of life's little mysteries solved for me.

So anyways, after another migraine the other day, she needed chocolate. But she had none. And this is a girl who is a fully fledged chocaholic, and when she needs chocolate, she NEEDS it.
This resulted in someone or other having to run over to the cafeteria to get her a bar of whatever, and the grin plastered on her face while devouring it was priceless. Until the next migraine came. But that's besisdes the point.

I decided that this type of emergency should never occur again and therefore put together an emergency pack, consisting of an extra-large milka chocolate bar complete with instructions.

I may not have stopped the migraines, but I at least put a smile on her face. And that's what counts.

Hope you are having a lovely first of may, which reminds me, I've had my blog for a month now, and hopefully, for a lot longer, tee hee :)


Katie xo

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