Montag, 1. April 2013


Hello there! I'm Katie, welcome to my blog! You must be those famous internets. :)

This is my first blog and therefore my first ever blog post! Which makes me little nervous to be honest, but nevertheless I'm looking forward to having a place to put my photos and share them and my life with you, whilst maaybe even getting to know some of you.

Also, since my family don't live where I live (more about that later), and don't like the idea of Facebook doing strange things with their information so therefore don't have accounts *pause for breath*, here they will hopefully be able to see more of whats happening with me and all the crazy interesting things I get up to.

So with no further adue, I'll leave you with a picture of myself. So you can feel properly introduced I guess?

I hope you'll have fun here,


Katie. <3

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