Dienstag, 9. April 2013

Blueberry Cheesecake

So I have this massive passion for baking. Mixing the ingredients together to get a yummy, sweet batter. Having the whole kitchen and eventually the whole house (no no, it wasn't me who closed all the windows to keep the scent in, cue innocent pouting face) smell of freshly baked cake. Layering on lashings of frosting; be it buttercream, cream cheese, or runny icing,

and then finishing off the lot appreciating a piece of decorated goodness in all it's glory.

Let's just take a second to get over that. 

Weeell, maybe my "passion" is more of an addiction...but so what, who doesn't love cake?

And exactly this is what went through my head when we were invited to friends for Easter and asked to bring the dessert. Score.

I started racking my brains for some amazing, eastery, bunny-rabbity cake. Carrot cake crossed my mind, but my Mum had already called dibs on that. I was stumped, until I walked through our local supermarket. They were selling bundles of moist, german cheesecake, which in this case, and often, incorporates fruit into it. Bingo.

So, slightly weary of baking cheesecake due to my lack of experience yet excited by this new challenge, I looked up a recipe that only required chilling, and decided blueberries would complement it nicely. 

And after 2 hours of baking, or rather 1 hour to make the actual cake and berry compote, another to lay the berries on top in perfect order, satisfying my inner German perfectionist, it was done.


Same picture, just a different edit. I always have trouble deciding which photo edit I should use, whether it be Instagram, Facebook, or just a photo I want to print out. So I decided to do the right thing and upload both. Pat on the back, Katie.  

An operation of military precision, trust me. 

Apart from that, blueberries always remind me of summer, and summer makes me happy. So why not have a little laugh? :)

I really do hope you enjoyed this post. I'm still pretty new on the blogosphere, so leave me an honest comment on what you thought, I'd really appreciate it and I'll check you out too, pinky promise :)

I'll leave you then with the recipe and this one last picture of yum. Mmm-mmmmmm.


Katie <3


I used this cheesecake recipe from Lorraine Pascale (I actually love all her food, and just as a fun fact, she used to be a model).

Then I made a blueberry compote for on top of the cake by putting 400g of frozen blueberries in a little pot with a few tablespoons of water, brought it to the boil, and let it simmer for 15 mins, or depending on how strong you want it to taste. Sugar and lemon juice can also be added depending on taste.

I let this cool for a while in order to prevent the cake from melting, and then poured it on top. 

I then assembled around 300g of blueberries on top of the cake, but always buy another pack just to be on the safe side. You also don't have to assemble them neatly, they'll look perfectly nice sprinkled all over.

Et voilà! You now have a scrumptious blueberry cheesecake to share with friends, family, or just keep to yourself. 
But don't worry, we can keep that little secret between ourselves. <3

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