Samstag, 21. September 2013


Last birthday as a teenager. Whoa.

I feel old saying this, but where did the time go? 
Seems like just yesterday I was standing in line to go into my 1st grade class, happy days. 

Anyway, I wanted to make the most of this day though; I felt 17th birthdays are too often neglected, being in-between "Sweet 16" and "OMG you're an adult 18" parties. So I decided to invite a little group of my best friends, and just have a little garden party, talking, laughing, and eating cake. Lots of it.

Which is where we come to the one of the best parts about birthdays; the cake. Me being me, I decided to have two, because...well that's just double the sugar, therefore double the amazing. Oh, and there were brownies... and cake pops. 
And savory food, but that's nowhere near as interesting.

I had to take all the pictures pretty quickly, but, alas, I got to this one too late, haha.


The Simple Life

Or maybe it should be called "The not-so-simple-actually-really-tiring-make-you-fall-into-bed-life"; it's not all just collecting fresh eggs and taking afternoon naps with a piece of wheat in your mouth.
On the contrary, it involves a lot of hard work.
I realised this when visiting my aunt and uncle in their new country home in France, in literally the middle of nowhere. I'm not kidding, the village they "live" in was a 15 minute drive by car. So in actual fact, they actually live in the middle of a field. Or ten.

Photobomb, country style.
Normally I would freak at the idea of spending a longer period of time in the middle of nowhere, being more or less a city person, but it actually ended up as being on of the most enjoyable holdays I've ever been on.

The reason for this though was that it was, in essence, more simple and uncomplicated than normal and everyday life. Yes, you had to muck out the stables and wash the dishes by hand, but you also could sit yourself down outside with a book, and just read. No cars, noisy neighbours, or aeroplanes. Just peace and quiet.
It made me realise how busy we are, constantly running around, often forgetting to stop, relax, and enjoy life. It also inspired me to make this edit with a photo my boyfriend took whilst there.

Talking of whom, what do we have here?

One of many little frogs!
And a cricket! I think. Or maybe grasshopper? Oops.

These were on the day we went for a walk in the woods, which was, surprise surprise, next door.

 And there were a lot of trees. Meaning my would-love-to-drive-around-the-world-in-a-vw-bus-boyfriend just HAD to to take pictures of all of them. 

There's something about breathing in rare fresh air.