Samstag, 21. September 2013


Last birthday as a teenager. Whoa.

I feel old saying this, but where did the time go? 
Seems like just yesterday I was standing in line to go into my 1st grade class, happy days. 

Anyway, I wanted to make the most of this day though; I felt 17th birthdays are too often neglected, being in-between "Sweet 16" and "OMG you're an adult 18" parties. So I decided to invite a little group of my best friends, and just have a little garden party, talking, laughing, and eating cake. Lots of it.

Which is where we come to the one of the best parts about birthdays; the cake. Me being me, I decided to have two, because...well that's just double the sugar, therefore double the amazing. Oh, and there were brownies... and cake pops. 
And savory food, but that's nowhere near as interesting.

I had to take all the pictures pretty quickly, but, alas, I got to this one too late, haha.


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